My First Post

Hey Guys,

I am a lifestyle blogger. I started this blog to express my feelings and thoughts about life and everything in between. The reason behind my name, Dreaming In Summer is, my favourite season is summer, and I like to dream, a lot, I just think it’s wonderful, how you can dream, about virtually anything. Dreams are like second chances, when you dream, you are in control, you can say things you’ve always wanted to say, you can act how you’ve always wanted to, but you never really know its a dream ’till you wake up. Summer is my favourite season because it makes me happy. For me, being happy doesn’t always come easy, so when I feel that emotion I appreciate it so much more.. My aim for this blog is not fame, or to earn money, but my aim is to write about things I feel passionate about or just life in general and for people to be able to relate. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I hope you can relate to it.

Peace Out x

Dreaming In Summer ♥


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