My Top 10 Winter Must-Have’s

So it’s getting a lot colder now and there are some things in the winter that I just can’t do without! These items in my top ten are items I can not live without in the winter!

  1.  A Beanie. When its cold outside and you just want to be all cosy and snuggled up, a beanie is the way to go, for me. It keeps my ears and head warm and they look super cute! The fashion now, is to wear a beanie that has a big bobble.
  2. A Berry Coloured Lip Balm. It’s always important to keep you lips moisturised so they don’t get chapped, when it’s cold, your lips tend to get quite chapped so its important to apply some Vaseline or lip balm, I like to use a lightly tinted one for a lovely look.
  3. Hand warmer. For me, at winter time a hand warmer is essential, especially when I don’t wear gloves, or forget them, a hand warmer really comes in handy.
  4. Oversized Hoodie/Jumper. At winter time, oversized things become my new best friend! They are just so cosy and comfortable; you can wear them when your lounging around or when your outside walking to the local shops to pick up some milk.
  5. Fluffy Socks. Fluffy socks are a must have for me in winter, they are just SUPER comfortable and great for any day, really!
  6. A Thermos. I pretty much always have a thermos on me whenever I am out and it’s cold, it is so much cheaper then having to buy coffe/tea/hot chocolate everytime your out because it’s cold. I like to take green tea or hot chocolate!
  7. Touch Screen Gloves. When its cold and your going out to meet your friend/s, it is really handy to have touch screen gloves that enable you to be able to go on your phone without feeling like your fingers are going to fall off from the cold, your hands stay warm and you still get to text your friends!
  8.  Boots. I love to have a pair of fluffy boots like UGG’s especially when its cold because you feel extra cosy and boots are really easy to put on, no one wants to be fiddling around with shoe laces in -10 degrees!
  9. A Camera. You might be thinking, a camera?! But yes. Outside when your walking to school or to meet your friends, if it’s especially cold, everything will be frosted up and that makes a really good photo, I love taking photos (I love photos mainly because they never change, even when the people in them do.)
  10. A Snood. A snood or a cotton scarf is the cosiest thing ever! I am so used to picking up my scarf when its cold, sometimes I don’t realise I’m doing it!

I hope you liked my top 10, this is just what I would normally have or wear ❤

What would be in your top ten? I would love to know!

Peace Out x

Dreaming In Summer ♥


2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Winter Must-Have’s

  1. bethelcake says:

    My top 5 would be,
    Thick soft scarves.
    Snow boots (pursuming it snows)
    Welly socks, to keep your toes warm
    A good rucksack, to carry all your extra winter bits and bobs in
    Fluffy pyjamas, for when you get home

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