Realisation can often be seen in a bad way, but when you look at it more positively you will begin to notice it is actually a good thing. For example: you realise you got a really hard question you didn’t think you could do, right, or you realise who someone really is.

These two examples will often be seen as good AND bad, however they are both actually only good. You might be thinking, Finding out who someone really is?! that’s bad because it will make you upset. However, finding out who someone really is, is good because it’s better you find out now then after you’ve brought them expensive gifts for their birthday and given them the answers to your homework or test. When you find out who someone really is, you can breathe, relax. because slowly you can cross peoples names out on a list and find your true friend. By knowing someone is fake, you can eliminate them and you are then one step further to finding a true friend.

Realising things, isn’t a bad thing, its a good thing because you can just stop pretending and be real.

Friends and People will come and go in your life, Everyone will want to take a ride in the limo with you, but what you need is someone who will take the bus with you, when the limo breaks down.

Realise. Real lies. Real eyes.

Peace Out x

Dreaming In Summer ♥


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