Summer Bucket List 2K15

School is nearly over for the summer and I couldn’t be happier!

Lately I’ve been really loving tumblr and pintrest I am constantly inspired to do and try new things, I love the whole vibe

Along the same lines of trying to get the most out of my summer, I’ve created a:  Summer Bucket List 2015

I wrote around 25 things but still left space as I wasn’t sure if I had finished or not. The things I added to the list were made up of reasonably achievable things, such as:

  1. Go to a theme park with my friends
  2. Go swimming in an outdoor pool
  3. Go to the beach and watch the sun set and then watch the stars
  4. Go Pennyboarding with my friends
  5. Go to the big woodland park and take a hike
  6. Have a pool party
  7. Have a BBQ
  8. Work out or go running at least every three days
  9. Bake with my friends
  10. Re decorate my room
  11. Make a music video with my friends
  12. Read a book
  13. Do something for charity
  14. Try something new
  15. Take at least 10 pictures a day
  16. Create a summer playlist
  17. Work on my blog’s instagram
  18. Improve my French
  19. Learn the piano
  20. Become healthier
  21. Make more healthy shakes
  22. Experiment on hairstyles
  23. Have a slumber party with my best friends
  24. Try not to go on the internet too much
  25. Get a summer job

I only have 25 things on my list so far but I’m sure to update it.

A Summer Bucket List is perfect especially if you’re not going on holiday!

Tips for the Bucket List:

  • Don’t go too over the top, make sure the things on your list are achievable
  • Don’t fill your list with things that will empty your wallet, remember the best things in life are free 🙂
  • Try to do some of the things with your friends or other people to make it even more fun
  •  Try to capture every happy moment- you could make a scrap book out of all the pictures?
  • Take a picture of you doing the thing you achieved each time you complete something on your list
  • Have fun with it! don’t make it serious and boring, make sure your having a good time when you do it.

I hope this has inspired you this summer and you will keep busy! However, remember to relax, this is your time to do what you wish, just don’t make the mistake of wasting the days, do something new everyday and live life to the fullest!

What would be on your Summer Bucket List? I would love to know!

Dreaming In Summer ♥

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